CONSULTING: Food & Beverage Solutions
We have consultants who specialize in food and beverage.

  • menu engineering
  • menu development
  • menu editing and proofing 
  • recipe writing
  • costing and pricing of menu items
  • wine list development

Menu engineering
The menu is the most important marketing tool in a restaurant and it's just more than a list of items. Menu engineering is strategic planning of your menus to maximize profits. By using proven techniques of menu engineering you can increase your sales and revenues.

Menu development
Our services include menu development and product development. Ranges vary from entire menu items to a specific product development.
Menu development may include the following components:

  • recipe development
  • test cooking/preparation and tasting
  • focus group for product evaluation and feedback
  • tasting and advising
  • package, label, menu suggestions

Menu editing and proof reading
Are the descriptions on the menu sizzling? Are they appealing or do they sound boring? Do you have a difficult time describing your menu items?
We can help you:

  • naming menu items
  • writing menu descriptions
  • proof reading and advising
  • translating from/to English, French, Japanese

Details on translation, check the language support page.

Recipe writing
Recipes are the foundation of standardized production, cost and portion control. Our consultants can help you in writing recipes, organizing information and standardizing your production.

Costing and pricing of menu items
Do you know exactly how much each item is costing and how much money it is generating? Costing of each item will help you determine your selling price and thus your contribution margin. 
Costing of menu items is inevitable for menu engineering, profitability analysis, and suggestive selling.

Wine list development
Our wine educators can prepare a wine list. It can be matched to your food menus and paired with your dishes.
Wine list development may include:

  • wine list
  • food and wine pairing
  • description and detailed information on each wine
  • suggestive selling tips and staff training to sell and upsell