Our courses are tailored to the needs of our clients. A prior consultation is necessary to ensure that the course addresses your needs.
The language of instruction is ENGLISH. It is however possible to have a Japanese translator for an extra fee.
Price includes course materials and delivery. In some cases, follow ups are necessary and are included in the fee.
Audio visual equipment rentals are charged separately.
The fees do not include applicable taxes.
Depending on the location, there may be transportation/accommodation fees added.
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  • Effective Supervision in the Hospitality Industry

  • This intensive 8 hour workshop will give you the fundamentals of being an effective supervisor. We will cover recruitment, training, termination, coaching, mentoring, scheduling, leadership, change management and conflict management.
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  • Time Management for Hospitality Professionals

  • Hospitality is a business that runs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Your time spent at work has to be the most productive. Learn how to deal with most interruptions and time robbers that are so inherent to the hospitality industry. Make use of available tools to manage your time effectively and productively. Work smarter, work better!
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  • Conflict Management and Resolution for Effective Managers

  • Conflicts are a common source of stress and concern in any hospitality operation. They can also be a source of information if they are dealt with properly and effectively. A conflict can be instrumental in pinpointing areas that need improvement and can help set priorities.
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  • Change In a Successful Hospitality Operation

  • Change is part of any business growth. It is also quite prevalent in the hospitality industry where tradition and change are in dual interaction. Change can be a source of stress and conflict for your staff and the management of change is crucial to maintaining harmony and productivity within the team.
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  • Building a Powerful Team in The Hospitality Industry

  • Without a team spirit, the team is just a group of individuals working with no cohesion and little direction and harmony. Learn the essentials of building a powerful team and learn all stages of team building.
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  • Training Employees in a Hospitality Setting

  • Not every manager is a good trainer. That is why many operations rely on professional trainers. They bring a more efficient dimension to staff training. This workshop is designed to teach you the basics and simple elements of training so that you can perform the simpler training tasks without constantly relying on external trainers.
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  • Coaching Your Employees in a Hospitality Operation

  • In a sports team, a coach is someone who helps each player achieve their full potential and guides them through their role as team members. Supervisors and managers must do the same. This workshop helps you acquire the right tools to do just that.

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  • Helping Hospitality Industry Employees Grow

  • Are your employees ready to go to the next level? Are you helping them reach that next level? Your employees are your most valuable and expensive resource and you should help
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  • Leadership Skills for Current Times

  • Every team needs a leader. A leader is someone who helps the team march towards full accomplishment and achievement. We will cover the various leadership styles, when and how to use them. And discuss the leader’s attributes and characteristics.
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  • Managing a Profitable and Effective Kitchen

  • A kitchen is a complex department with a multitude of challenges and obstacles. A good chef must run a tight and smooth ship. This 10 hour workshop focuses on managing the product and managing employees. From ingredient to final product, from menu planning to menu analysis, from waste to theft we cover it all. The second part is about managing staff and dealing with the intricate human resources management. Topics such as leadership, team building, training and time management are covered.
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  • Menu Planning

  • This workshop covers the know how behind planning a menu. What are the factors to consider? How do you deal with your current menu before migrating to a new menu? We will answer all those questions and more.
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  • Menu Design

  • AThe proper design of a menu takes into account the artwork, the theme, the font, the description and many other factors. We will cover all those topics and more.
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  • Menu Engineering

  • Menu engineering is a powerful analysis tool based on contribution margins and item popularity. This tool allows the user to make decisions regarding what should be or should not be on a menu, what prices should be increased and how should an item be positioned on the menu. Our 3 hour workshop simplifies menu engineering by focusing on what is essential and using a simple software to do it.
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  • Simple Arithmetic for Chefs

  • By using simple arithmetic, we can teach you to keep your costs in line. This course is for chefs and focuses on food and labor costs but the same theory applies to beverage cost. We will help you simplify your control system without purchasing costly software.
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  • Demystifying Culinary Terminology

  • So many culinary terms, so many sauces, so many unpronounceable words! We will help you sort all those complicated terms and what they mean and how you can use them or explain them on your menus.
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  • The HACCP Process

  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a safety plan that helps you control sanitation in your operation. We will cover the HACCP steps and explain the easy way to set up the plan in your food operation.
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  • A Guide to Profitable Menus

  • Your menu is your most powerful marketing tool. It is critical that it be well balanced, easy to read and with proper positioning of the menu items to maximize sales. Items on a menu follow certain guidelines. You will learn what to do to improve on your bottom line and your revenues.
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  • Suggestive Selling and Up-selling

  • A restaurant seat is a perishable item. If you do not sell it, it is gone. Furthermore, if your staff does not know how to sell or upsell the bottom line can suffer tremendously. This workshop teaches front line staff simple tactics and methods to increase sales by making the right suggestions, the proper way.
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  • Server's Training

  • If you think that a server is simply the “guy” who takes your order and brings you your food, you are sadly mistaken. Being a server means being a salesperson, a food expert, a beverage expert, a psychologist, a mind reader and an entertainer. It means having a lot of tact and discretion. It means dealing with the upper crust of society and ordinary people. This workshop covers all aspects of service in a restaurant or banquet operation.
    (If you have serving standards, they can be incorporated within the workshop) .
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  • Wine Education for Servers

  • Servers must know their product and talk about it comfortably and confidently. This is a basic workshop on wine regions, proper wine name pronunciation, classic food and wine pairings and proper sales tactics.
    (A tasting could be conducted at an extra cost)
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  • Front Desk Clerk's Training

  • Front desk clerks handle a multitude of tasks ranging from registering guests to making recommendations about restaurants in the neighborhood. It takes a person who can think quickly, be proactive, display kindness and good customer service skills and handle cash. This workshop is meant to give your employees all the right skills to be great performers.
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  • Room Attendant's Training

  • Room attendants are very special people. They need to be detail oriented and hard working. Their jobs also require them to be honest since they get to explore guest rooms every day. This workshop describes what housekeeping staff must do to be exceptional.
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  • Forecasting In The Hospitality Industry

  • Fortunately, the science of forecasting is a bit more reliable than looking through a crystal ball. This workshop will introduce you to forecasting techniques and the factors affecting it. .
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Corporate Training Guide

We offer training seminars and workshops open to the public and to corporations/companies. The range of topics is extensive. Have a look at the list of workshops and seminars. We accommodate your needs and tailor training to suit your operation.

How to organize customized training session successfully?

When you contact us, we offer you a free needs assessment if you are unsure as to what needs to be done. We then schedule the course, time and location based on what your operation requires.

The most important thing is determine what you would like to accomplish by offering the training seminar to your staff. What change are you trying to elicit. Perhaps you are trying to address a problem? You can use internal surveys, questionnaires, or interviews to assess the current situation.

We will then analyze all the information you've collected during the needs assessment stage and devise an action plan.

Types of corporate training

Hired Trainer & In-house training

In this case, you hire a trainer or company to dispense training within your company. There is a huge advantage to hiring an outside trainer. These individuals do not get involved in the politics of the company and have no vested interest except deliver the best training that they can offer.

The benefits: Employees are on familiar grounds, access to equipment is available. Usually at a lower cost per person.

The disadvantage: Supervisors and managers attending the session may be constantly interrupted by their colleagues.

Hired Trainer & Off-site Training

When a company hires a trainer and the training is done off-site, there is still the political detachment between that hired trainer and the company.

There won't be any interruptions from employees or from managers. Of course, this training is costlier per person and access to equipment may be difficult. It does have the advantage of being removed from the workplace and therefore sensitive issues can be addressed more comfortably.

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